About Us

Established in 2004, VERNet Pty Ltd designed and developed a fibre optic network for the Education and Research sectors of Victoria called the Victorian Education and Research Network (VERN). We are responsible for procuring and managing the network’s fibre, equipment and services. The VERN is a collaborative investment of all Victorian Universities, the CSIRO and the Commonwealth Government.

Our Customers

Our customers are the IT executives and their teams at Victorian universities and the CSIRO, who supply network services to educators, researchers and students.

Our People

Our dedicated staff have experience in fibre optic infrastructure, telecommunications, investment evaluation, customer relations, project management and procurement with experience in both public and private sectors.

Our Network

In our first ten years, we have procured and deployed over 2100km of optical fibre across metropolitan and regional Victoria- that is nearly 9 times the length of the Yarra River from its source in the Yarra Ranges to where it empties at Port Philip Bay.  The network connects over 200 research and tertiary education sites to each other as well as to the national and international broadband networks.
As our customers grow, build new campuses and require increased capacity, we will be expanding and upgrading our network.

Providing Value to Shareholder Customers

We deliver a cost-effective, fast and reliable network to our shareholders and customers. We help them to increase the capacity of their networks, expand their reach and lower their telecommunication costs.
We have created a trusting environment in which each shareholder pools their investment and benefits from our partnership with the other shareholders and government departments.
The VERN is a long-term investment in reliable and resilient infrastructure.