Our Services

Project Management

All fibre projects undertaken by VERNet are led by the Technical and Operations Director and are allocated a dedicated Project Manager.

The projects are implemented with particular focus on managing time, cost, risk and quality.

Project Quality
Quality assurance includes regular review of contractor work including physical inspections and audits, using proven equipment, equipment stability test (by both vendors and VERNet), suitable Commercial agreements, network documentation including population of data in VERNet’s Asset Management System.

Workplace Safety
All installation and commissioning works are carried out by suppliers and contractors and managed by VERNet staff.  VERNet ensures that all contractors and subcontractors comply with the provisions of all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety legislation and codes of practice which apply to the project.

VERNet has its own Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and Workplace Policies and Procedures.

Applicable Standards
Equipment supplied and work executed will be in accordance with the most recent revisions of all applicable Australian standards, ITU-T Recommendations (G Series), ANSI/IEEE, equipment installation guidelines published by the manufacturer, requirements of the Australian Communications and Media Authority and all applicable statutory requirements.

Design and Delivery

VERNet continues to expand and upgrade the Victorian Education and Research Network (VERN).  This is generally driven by member demand for new sites or services and may include new fibre builds or equipment installations.  VERNet works closely with its members to understand their connectivity requirements so that the most cost effective and workable designs are put in place.  While most designs are completed in-house, VERNet also engages fibre or equipment contractors where necessary to finalise these designs.

Throughout the construction and delivery phases, VERNet closely manages its contractors and sub contractors to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.  This includes extensive testing to make certain that the network is fit for purpose.  Provisioning of services is completed by VERNet Engineers who ensure each service is tested and usable end-to-end.